Life Insurance

Whether you want to cover estate taxes or maintain your family’s lifestyle after you’re gone, we have a life insurance product to suit your needs. We offer plans for life insurance, health and dental coverage, disability, critical illness, long term care plans, and group insurance.

We offer a wide variety of insurance products to satisfy individuals, families and business owners.

Every stage of life comes with insurance needs. It might seem important for you to insure your home, car and property; do not forget about the most important things to insure… your life and your health.

Term Insurance:
Low cost life coverage designed for temporary needs.

Term to 100:
Permanent life coverage available on a life-pay or limited pay basis.

Whole Life:
Permanent life coverage with or without values available on a life-pay or limited-pay basis.

Universal Life:
Very flexible, value-added product featuring 2 core components: Insurance element and tax-exempt investment growth.

Disability Insurance:
Individual health benefits that provide regular payments when the insured is unable to work due to injury or illness.

Critical Illness Insurance

Provides a Tax-free, lump sum payment following the onset of a critical illness.

Long Term Care Plans

Daily Benefits to cover costs associated with in-home or clinical health care.

Group Insurance

Complete Employee Benefit packages for 2 or more.

Health & Dental Coverage

For Individuals, groups, and associations.

Specialty Products

Non-Medical Life Insurance ( Guaranteed issue)
Various Niche Products, 2 to 5 questions, Ages 25 – 80

Single Person/ Family Group Plans
Tax-deductible extended health & dental coverage for individuals.

Mortgage Life & Disability Insurance
Scheduled mortgage payments are covered in the event of death or disability of the insured.

Unique Marketing Concepts

Expand your clientele and offer more to your existing clients with clever marketing strategies designed for prospects with unconventional financial planning needs.

We can help you to determine how much you need and which product will help you achieve your financial goals. Call for a free quote or fill out our this form below and it will help us get started today.

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