Are you prepared to cover unexpected damages to your rental car?

It’s often convenient to rent a car when you’re travelling away from home. Unfortunately, your personal auto insurance or credit card may not cover you in an accident abroad.

Choose C.J Simon Insurance and be rest insured.

Real-life example
A 34–year–old woman rented a car in Ottawa, Ontario in December. While driving to Toronto to visit her family over the holidays, she hit black ice and slammed into a barrier causing substantial front-end damage to the vehicle. The rental car company inspected the vehicle and sent an estimate of repairs.

Without Rental Car Protection, her out–of–pocket costs would have totalled:$12,759.00

Rental Car Protection:

  • Covers physical damage to, or loss of, a leased/rented automobile
  • Maximum coverage: $50,000 (CAD)


  • Single trip coverage